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Acquisition Hunter Intern

Developer & Programmer

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  • An active student in a business or social major. 
  • Available at least for 6 months duration. 
  • Comfortable with new challenges that might be given by the mentor(s). 
  • Comfortable working with meticulous work. 
  • Willing to adapt to instantaneous behavior (respond). 
  • Familiar with G-Drive (google doc, etc), e-mail mechanism, and MsWords. 
  • Having self-discipline in concerning to be punctual. 

  • To review newly registered vendors prior publishing approval (from data input, profile review, category approval if any, number verification, to the publishing execution through CMS tools and other channels). 
  • To assist mentor(s) in providing data and any other necessity for the acquisition purposes. At this point, you only have to assist and not to manage as your mentor would be the person in charge to do the managing stuff). 
  • Assist BM team’s and wedding vendors in relating with internal request (e.g: alteration of business name, email address, category, URL, price range, account deactivation). 
  • Align with other departments (team) in case of any issues or complaints coming from wedding vendor or user (inc.dispute of a review, copyright violation, privacy violation).
  • Assign or re-assign a Business Manager for our wedding vendors in case they have particular request in relating with Bridestory event, social media post, Hilda/ wedding packages, etc. 

Intern Period : 3 months minimum