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Customer Care & Acquisition Hunter Executor

Developer & Programmer

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Responsible for managing customer satisfaction aspects throughout the Bridestory platform mechanism, to actively contribute in acquisition in relating with to increase the number of newly published vendors in Bridestory, and responsible as an advisor/ executor for any internal request coming from/to BM team.

Area of responsibility

Customer Satisfaction 

  • Report or escalate every technical issue with some internal coordination among the teams. 
  • Actively maintain customer satisfaction's goal through less than 24 hours response to the problems and a shifting role over the weekend. Please be informed that operational hours for customer care is: Mon-Sun, 09.00-18.00 Jakarta Time, with shifting and mobile-working system in the weekend. 
  • Manage all correspondences from every customer care channel (E-mail, Whatsapp, Phone call, Bridestory chat, Live chat). 
  • Initiate an appointment or/and visit customers when it comes to a higher level of problems or issue or acquisition purposes (occasionally).
  • Daily report to the supervisor concerning the progress of an issue coming from internal and external 

Acquisition Hunter Executor 

  • To manage the way we invite or encourage newly registered vendors to get published on Bridestory (inc. Zendesk chat, Bridestory chat, and other communication channels).
  • Enhance and maintain database methods for acquisition purposes. 
  • To operate/ publish the newly registered vendors using CMS system.  
  • To contribute in all upcoming initiatives in relating with acquistion’s approaching area (e.g: workshop, seminar, social media) 

Internal Request Advisor & Executor 

  • Execute or advise BM team’s and wedding vendors in relating with internal request (e.g: alteration of business name, email address, category, URL, price range, account deactivation).
  • Align with other departments (team) in case of any issues or complaints coming from wedding vendor or user (inc.dispute of a review, copyright violation, privacy violation).
  • Assign or re-assign a Business Manager for our wedding vendors in case they have particular request in relating with Bridestory event, social media post, Hilda/ wedding packages, etc. 


Minimum S1 in a business or social major 


  • Preferably min. 1-year working experience in a human-dealing related work 
  • Experienced working in a team/a group for more than 3 months (whether in your university or extracurricular or work) 
  • Experienced working as part-time or full-time customer service or any related role in an online platform (e-commerce company) for more than 6 months. If you were a 3-6 months intern in the related field, you are welcomed to apply) 

Knowledge and skills 

  • Confident when speaking with people and dealing with their concerns, inc. able to present a persuasive manner 
  • Understanding in e-mail writing’s manner 

Other specific requirements 

  • Comfortable working with data and meticulous work 
  • Comfortable with any new challenges that might be given by the company or direct supervisor 
  • Willing to work outside the office (occasionally) in terms of acquisition purposes 
  • Willing to work or to adapt in a flexible (mobile-working environment) especially in the weekend